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Finally after a very long hard work, DSK CDM has been approved by UNFCCC! You can check UNFCCC website.

DSK CDM is at UNFCCC Website, Please check it out.

DSK CDM has submitted all documents to UNFCCC and is just waiting for its Approval.

DSK has submitted all the requirements for CDM and is just waiting for UN to post it on their website.

DSK application for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) has been approved by DENR.

DSK Group of Companies just received a Host Country Approval for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) from Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Another Day, another Month, another Year, another Smile, another Tear, another Winter, A Summer too, But there will never be Another You!

May Lovely, Happy Times Decorated this Time of the Season. May Warm, Special Memories brighten your New year, may the Wonder of Christmas be with you and your Family Forever.

We have updated our plantation gallery.

Last Saturday, DSK Group of Companies Corp. celebrated it's annual company outing on a whole new kind of way. To give respect and pay tribute to Japan as a result of it's latest devastating tsunami and earthquake incident, DSK Group of Companies Corp. decided to make this year's outing into a company gathering.

The day started with a Holy Mass, where everyone came and shared their prayers for Japan. After the Holy Mass, breakfast was served at FOS Restaurant. Games and activities followed the event, lead by the DSK-GOCC Management. Winners were given prizes and the remaining participants were also given consolation prizes. A Photo Op was also done to commemorate the event.

Overall, DSK Group of Companies Corp.'s gathering proved to be a success, as to everyone present came home with smiles on their faces and the feeling of goodness from their hearts.

DSK Group of Companies Nueva Plantation was visited by the UN Validators to check and inspect the facilities especially the compositing site of our growing jatropha plantation. Kindly check our plantation gallery.

Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new, Happy New Year!

From Home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another. The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. Merry Christmas!

Umingan pangasinan Mayor Eldred P. Tumbocon and Talugtug Mayor Quintino S. Caspillo visited the DSK Plantation with their Sanguniang bayan members. They had a meeting with Dr. Vesselin Popovski and Prof. Yasuaki Mori.

DSK Succesfully finished the Biological Resources Development Society Seminar at SMX Convention Center.

Together with DSK Group of Companies, we just finished our Christmas Party.

Project Design Document (PDD) publicly available directly on the UNFCCC CDM website.

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. Happy Halloween!

DSK Composting Project's Prior Consideration already posted at UNFCC website.

DSK had accomplished a community consultation for Jatropha plantation at Umingan Pangasinan together with ENDESA representatives.

DSK has been granted an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR).


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